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Holographic projection

We are very pleased that we can introduce you to an unique holographic projection - an advertising medium and a presentation device of a new age. It is a holographic projection system enabling to project images into space, the so called holograph. This effect is until now known especially from the Star Wars series.

How does it work?

A holograph is created as a combination of a special projector and a patented thin see through plastic film, onto which the images are projected. Since the costumer (spectator) sees the images without any limitation, an optical effect arises, whereby the projection gets a three dimensional appearance and the projected image appears to levitate in the air.  The effect is helped with a perfect installation of the device, especially of the plastic film. The film is always applied in such a way as to be almost invisible.


The subject of the projection

In our area we will project the holographic projection predominantly in the evening hours. You can be familiarized with the story of the patron of our areal - Goddess Epona. To watch beautiful natural motives over the water surface of one of our ponds. The projection is accompanied by thematic music and narrated story. In future we plan many interesting themes for projecting images such as from the construction of the Lipno dam or diverse natural motives.

We want to offer the visitors something unique, an additional value, which they will not find anywhere else. And so we hope that the combination of outdoor sitting above the illuminated pond, good refreshment, pleasant music, holographic projection and above all of adventure golf we will provide everybody with an experience that they will keep in their memories for a long time and will return to us gladly.


Examples of using of the holographic projection at our place:

  • Events
  • Logos of sponsors and partners
  • Music concerts
  • Film visual effects
  • Advertising campaigns, articles
  • The story of Lipno
  • The story of the Goddess Epona

Projection times :

* WEDNESDAY :  21:00, 22:00 - The story of the Godness Epona

* FRIDAY :  21:00, 22:00 - The story of the Godness Epona

* SATURDAY : 21:00, 22:00 - The story of the Godness Epona

* SUNDAY :  21:00, 22:00 - The story of the Godness Epona

Holographic projection starts from 8:50 and continues through the whole time of the night time minigolf - Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 20:00 - 23:00.