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FunSpot Lipno
Golf that you won’t give up on so easily

Basic rules

1. The course consists of 18 holes, which are numbered with serial numbers. Please keep the order of holes. The holes are connected with stone footpaths, which will lead you to the next hole in order.

2. Adventure Golf can be played by individuals as well as groups of people. Maximum recommended occupation of one hole is four players.

3. Players should play one after another in an order, which they chose ahead.

4. The goal of the game is to get the ball into the hole with the least possible hits. The winner is the player with the least sum of hits.

5. The game starts in the area before the brick barrier, where you can place the ball in any place you want.

6. If a ball leaves the course, it should be placed back on the spot where it left the course and the player should be added a penalty point. In such a case the player is entitled to move the ball 15 cm from the brick barrier (corresponds to the longer side of the score card).

7. If the ball is ends in a water or sand trap, the player can continue from this spot or he can place the ball 15 centimeters from the trap border, where the ball was played into the trap and the player adds one more penalty point.

8. If the ball stops near the brick barrier, or one of the natural barriers (stone, palisade), the player can move the ball 15 cm from the barrier or obstacle without losing a point.